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VuWall is a leader of video wall control systems delivering state-of-the-art controllers, encoders and decoders, all managed by a central control platform. We deliver unified visualization solutions and are dedicated to bringing innovative technology to increase productivity and enhance visualization experiences, by simplifying workflows in professional and mission-critical environments.

Model: PAK 10

PAKTM is a compact and cost-effective video wall processing appliance that can work as a standalone unit or can be stitched to each other to build an IP video wall of any size. PAK is ideal for multi-
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TRx 3.0 Software Release Is First to Bring Advanced Video Wall Management and AV-over-IP Distribution on a Single Platform
Posted on Wednesday, November 4, 2020
TRx 3.0 Software Release Is First to Bring Advanced Video Wall Management and AV-over-IP Distribution on a Single Platform

Latest TRx Software Release Features Integrated Advanced Video Wall Management, Extended Audio Support, Active Directory Support and Advanced KVM Support

MONTREAL — Nov. 5, 2020 —  VuWall, a technology leader in video wall control systems and unified visualization solutions, today announced the release of TRx 3.0, now powered with VuTrexTM technology, as the first-to-market solution offering a single software platform that can distribute AV-over-IP content and provide advanced video wall management. TRx brings organizations the most effective distribution of visual information, from any source to any type of display or video wall.

TRx 3.0 introduces a redesigned architecture, with its unique hybrid VuTrex technology, that can manage multiple sources in any source format and easily route them to single displays or multiple video walls, without any programming. VuTrex bridges AV, IT and IP systems allowing TRx to manage and control any visual content across any type of display, multiviewer or video wall with easy drag-and-drop operation.

"As integrators struggle with a plethora of technology and organizations are challenged with handling the ever-increasing amounts of visual information, we were determined to simplify both the integration and management of video walls with a standards-based, interoperable approach," said Mark Schmidt, CTO of VuWall. "Our latest TRx release allows our customers to remain autonomous after deployments with the ability to change and fine-tune their video wall and routing configurations easily without any programming."

The software release of TRx 3.0 features integrated advanced video wall management, extended audio support, enhanced user rights management and advanced KVM support:

  • Advanced Video Wall Management: Enhances the usability and facilitates video wall deployments in corporate workspaces, control rooms and crisis rooms. This new release brings advanced multidisplay and multiresolution management with the TRx Display Server. Operators can drive a mix of video walls with standard and nonstandard aspect ratios, whether LCD, LED or projector, all from a single controller, ensuring a perfect viewing experience every time.
  • Extended Audio Support: Easily manages audio sources on video walls from the TRx user interface or control panels.
  • User Rights Management: Secures content with granular multi-user access control that includes endpoint permissions, service permissions, Active Directory support, user rights and group rights.
  • Advanced KVM Support
  • The TRx Capture Server allows operators to convert any PC on the network into a KVM source for soft-KVM control.
  • Provides real-time KVM control of IHSE Draco KVM Switches from the TRx interface for seamless KVM control, increasing situational awareness and response times, with a bird’s-eye view for each operator.

TRx provides organizations with a powerful and unique centralized management platform to configure and operate display surfaces and video walls within corporate workspaces and mission-critical control rooms. TRx is ideal for seamless multivideo wall and single-display control and visualization throughout multiple rooms, floors and campuses. TRx, powered by VuTrexTM technology, simplifies the deployment of complex AV-over-IP projects to configure and operate video walls, multiviewers, control panels, encoders and decoders easily — all from a single centralized platform. It can easily install, route and service hundreds of sources without any programming, thanks to its interoperable and hybrid design. TRx is an innovative and scalable solution that features an intuitive interface with easy drag-and-drop operation, a built-in HTML-based control panel designer, scripting, advanced security and an extensive API.

More information about TRx is available at

Model: TRx Centralized Management Platform