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The ViewSonic® LDS135-153 is a foldable 135” All-in-One LED display that boasts instant use, easy delivery, and convenient maintenance, making it an ideal rental-ready solution for events, exhibitions
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ViewSonic Originals Opens Up Access to Vast Range of Digital Educational Content
Posted on Tuesday, March 14, 2023
ViewSonic Originals Opens Up Access to Vast Range of Digital Educational Content

Brea, California (March 14, 2023) – ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual solutions, has developed ViewSonic Originals, an online resource that offers an extensive collection of high-quality, pre-made educational materials designed exclusively for use with digital whiteboards. Currently, more than 5,000 files are free on the site. Originals will be integrated into the current myViewBoard subscription packages with different levels of pricing in late April.  

The education industry has been transforming by embracing digitization. With this shift, teachers are faced with new challenges, particularly in developing and implementing content for a digital curriculum. To accommodate this digital revolution, ViewSonic has been launching a range of comprehensive education technology (EdTech) solutions, providing hardware, software, service, and content. Within this, the company is committed to helping teachers improve their teaching capabilities in an era where digital content is becoming increasingly important in education. 

ViewSonic Originals is broken down into four categories: Original Content, Backgrounds, Graphics, and Online Games. In addition to an extensive library of teaching materials for all ages and subjects ranging from interactive modules to full lesson plans, the database features an extensive collection of backgrounds, images, and animations that are perfect for a range of topics and themes, allowing teachers to add safe, copyright-cleared media to their lessons. 

This year, ViewSonic Originals also launched exclusive educational games, which can be dropped into a lesson or accessed through a web browser. These games have been designed specifically for digital classrooms, offering new opportunities for students to learn through play. 

ViewSonic Originals makes planning and running lessons in digital classrooms easier by offering thousands of interactive media created for all age groups under K12, and teaching styles within a user-friendly database. The content spans nine comprehensive areas of study: math, arts and humanities, holidays, science, geography, health, reading and writing, sports, and STEAM. Among them, the first three are the most popular with users. 

All content is purpose-built for digital whiteboards and has been created in the Open Learning Format (.olf)—an open standard file format that works?across various devices and software. Additionally, the games on ViewBoard Originals can be embedded into .olf files as well. This open format removes issues around file conversion and compatibility, creating a more open and equitable educational ecosystem.   

Introduction of ViewSonic Originals:  

Original Content  

ViewSonic Originals' "Original Content" provides interactive modules and full lesson plans designed for use with digital whiteboards. The materials cover a wide range of subjects and age groups, from kindergarten to grade 12. The lessons are highly engaging and designed to help students learn in a fun and interactive way. The Original Content is an excellent resource for educators who want to enhance their lessons with high-quality digital content. 


With a little splash of creativity, courses become more engaging. "Backgrounds" provides pre-made fun and functional backgrounds that can be used to enhance digital whiteboard lessons. These backgrounds offer a variety of colors, images, and themes that can make lessons more engaging and visually appealing. With a wide range of backgrounds available, educators can easily find one that suits their needs and add color and structure to their lessons. 


"Graphics" offers extensive stock images and animations that can be used to enhance digital whiteboard lessons. These graphics cover a variety of subjects and age groups, making them ideal for educators who want to add visual elements to their lessons. With thousands of graphics available, educators can enhance their lessons with visually appealing content. 

Online Games 

To help students learn through play, "Online Games" provides exclusive educational games that can be dropped into a lesson or accessed from a web browser. These games cover a variety of subjects and age groups and are highly engaging. "Online Games" is an excellent resource for educators to add some variety to their lessons with gamified elements.