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With over 35 years of experience developing cutting-edge products and services, we help people visualize what a brighter future looks like, one display at a time. From enterprise, classroom, and commercial workspaces, to home offices and virtual learning environments, we make collaboration possible from anywhere.

Model: TeamOne™ Software

ViewSonic TeamOne™ is an intuitive and robust software suite that delivers an infinite digital whiteboarding canvas for secure, scalable, real-time collaboration and productivity for any team, anywher
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ViewSonic and NoviSign Digital Signage Announce Partnership to Deliver New Stunning Display and Software Solutions
Posted on Thursday, August 2, 2018

ViewSonic Corp and NoviSign Digital Signage today announced a strategic partnership to rapidly enhance their industry-leading commercial display and digital signage software technologies. Available today, this collaboration now gives professionals a new set of tools to expedite the content design, management, and deployment of digital signage. From digital kiosks to large format ultra 4K displays and pro-grade media players, NoviSign’s industry-leading all-in-one digital signage software suite runs natively on ViewSonic’s full line up.

“Combining ViewSonic’s best-in-class Android, Windows, and Chrome OS hardware with NoviSign’s powerful digital signage software is a natural and effective fit for users that are looking for powerful yet easy to use signage solutions”, said Chad Bogan, Director of Sales and Marketing at NoviSign. “NoviSign’s design editor gives users the ability to create media-rich layouts featuring an unlimited variety of widgets and apps, supports touch screen, remotely update, run analytics reports and monitor all displays and players.”

Solutions for Education Digital Signage

Whether it’s the daily special in the cafeteria, large format school displays, a directory in your entrance areas or a library kiosk, ViewSonic and NoviSign have a solution for you. Make rich content that contains company messages, media slideshows, HD videos, internal communications and more. Create a template from scratch that features multiple zones of media and messages or customize a corporate communications digital signage template.

  • Improve Visitor Experiences: Create a memorable visit by adding a personable greeting
  • Enhance Employee Engagement: Spotlight employees of the month, goals and more
  • Share Targeted Messages: Display daily and weekly meeting times and schedules
  • Company Events: Highlight upcoming special events and fundraising activities
  • HR Bulletins: New insurance bulletins, procedures, messages from upper management

Solutions for Restaurants

 From touch-screen ordering kiosks to vivid digital menu boards, you can now take your restaurant to the next level with technology.  Simply purchase SW-095 (12-month license) or SW-096 (36-month license) per device and you’re ready to go! Once installed you can begin sending your digital menu to the screen! Easily and quickly create beautiful digital menu boards, edit your prices, add images, item descriptions, scrolling text, slideshows, videos. All changes wirelessly update the menu within minutes!

  • Sell More Food: Cross sell and upsell new add-on side items and desserts
  • Improve Efficiency: Remotely manage all of your menu pricing and items
  • Better Advertise:  spotlight new item, promote specials, and sales
  • Stay current with FDA menu requirements

 NoviSign Online Studio is now available:

  • 1-year Software License (SW-095) is $329 MSRP per device
  • 3-year Software License (SW-096) is $999 MSRP per device