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Vaddio Announces First Affordable Single CCD, High Quality HD Robotic PTZ Camera
Posted on Monday, April 20, 2009
Vaddio Announces First Affordable Single CCD,  High Quality HD Robotic PTZ Camera

MINNEAPOLIS, MN (April 20, 2009) – Vaddio, the leading manufacturer and OEM distributor of specialty PTZ cameras and high-end camera control systems, announced today the release of the first single CCD, high quality HD Robotic PTZ camera, the Vaddio ClearVIEW HD-18.

“Vaddio has always built technology around other manufacturer’s PTZ cameras, from our Quick-Connect CAT-5 cabling systems that make installation easier, to our ProductionVIEW line of video switchers and joystick camera control systems,” explained Rob Sheeley, President and CEO of Vaddio. “We designed ClearVIEW HD-18 to fill a void in the robotic camera market; a single CCD, high-definition PTZ camera with a high power zoom lens.” 

The groundbreaking ClearVIEW HD-18 is equipped with a 1/3?, 1.3 megapixel CCD imaging sensor, a glass multi-element wide dynamic zoom lens (18x optical), a tally light and a 1.8-lux rating, providing superior images in a wide range of high-definition video applications. The HD-18 is the only multi-format PTZ camera that delivers component HD in 1080p, 1080i or 720p and simultaneous SD video. Control runs via VISCA command protocol or the IR remote that is supplied. High-torque, micro-stepper precision robotics enhance performance with smooth pan/tilt operation for accurate camera movement and control. The HD-18 is compatible with any Polycom or TANDBERG videoconferencing codec.

In addition to the ClearVIEW HD-18, Vaddio is also launching two Quick-Connect CAT-5 cabling systems for the ClearVIEW HD-18 camera – WallVIEW HD-18 and WallVIEW CCU HD-18.  WallVIEW HD-18 provides power to the camera, and component HD video back to the Quick-Connect SR up to 100 feet over a single CAT-5 cable.  The WallVIEW HD-18 utilizes the EZ-Port on the back of the camera, making installation even easier.  WallVIEW CCU HD-18 is a camera control unit that allows the user to adjust red and blue gain, pedestal, gamma, chroma, knee, iris and gain on the camera module and allows up to three scene settings to be stored in the CCU.  The Quick-Connect CCU unit provides power, control and video up to 500 feet over CAT-5 cabling to the camera.  An EZIM CCU card for power and video, plugs into the back of the camera to make installation easier. 

Wide Dynamic Zoom Lens
The glass multi-element Wide Dynamic Zoom Lens captures the wide field-of-view necessary for smaller corporate boardrooms, yet also excels in larger venues where the camera is placed in the far back.

Boasting an impressive 5.2mm – 84.6mm 18x zoom lens with macro zoom capability, the high-performance ClearVIEW HD-18 offers outstanding wide-to-telephoto coverage to capture subjects with remarkable clarity and sharpness. The zoom macro capability zeroes in on subjects as close as 2 inches at the 4.7mm wide-angle setting and 38 inches in the 84.6mm fully extended telephoto range.

“Right Light” Technology
The “Right Light” compensation function in the ClearVIEW HD-18 adjusts image brightness levels 60 times per second to guarantee correct monitoring of native brightness levels in the scene. This results in a brighter image when needed for darker scenes and richer blacks for brighter scenes.

Selectable Camera Resolution
Featuring a built-in FPGA, the ClearVIEW HD-18 is the only camera on the market offering the freedom to choose any resolution. Users no longer have to settle for a camera with only 720p, 1080i or 1080p. The ClearVIEW HD-18 gives them their choice of all three.

An American Revolution
The only Robotic PTZ camera designed and made in the United States, the Vaddio
ClearVIEW HD-18 also sets a standard for the world. It delivers comprehensive HD options, high quality and uncompromising performance at a price everyone can afford.

About Vaddio:
Vaddio is the leading manufacturer and OEM distributor of specialty PTZ cameras and high-end camera control systems used in the broadcasting, audio/visual and videoconferencing industry. Headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, Vaddio also has operations throughout the Americas, as well as sales and support partners throughout the world. More information can be found on the Vaddio website, or at (800) 572.2011.