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Posted on Friday, March 2, 2012

Sharp to Demonstrate Leadership in Technology, Entertainment and Design by Providing Hundreds of LED TVs, First Real World Application of SunSnap Residential PV Solar Appliance and Solar Charging Stations at TED2012




LONG BEACH, CA February 27, 2012 -- Sharp will showcase its LED TVs, residential PV solar appliance and solar charging stations as the new TV and display sponsor for the TED2012 Conference, in Long Beach CA, and at conference simulcast, TEDActive, in Palm Springs, CA.

“From the world’s first 80-inch class LED TV to making solar energy more accessible, we are excited to demonstrate our leadership in innovative technologies at a conference dedicated to spreading new ideas,” said Bob Scaglione, chief marketing officer of Sharp Electronics Corporation.

Sharp will provide more than 200 AQUOS LED smart TVs to the conference in large screen size classes from 40-inch class to 80-inch class. In Long Beach, TED attendees will be able to experience the live presentations on big, beautiful TVs from almost any space in the venue including dressing rooms, the ballroom, the lodge, the balcony, the press room and meeting spaces. In Palm Springs at the Riviera Resort and Spa, televisions will be on display in the grand ballroom, foyer/bookstore, pool area, arcade and show lounge.

Sharp's AQUOS LED TVs offer conference-goers an immersive experience including the world’s largest available LED TV, the LC-80LE632U in an 80-inch screen size class. An International CES Innovations 2012 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree, the LC-80LE632U offers more than double the screen area of a 55-inch class TV. Sharp's unique LCD production capabilities, which include the industry’s only 10th Generation LCD factory and proprietary technologies, provide a tremendous advantage in supplying the market with superior large screen TVs.

Sharp is also showcasing SunSnap™, its new residential PV solar appliance. The installation was completed in collaboration with LivingHomes®, which introduced the LivingHome C6, its first low-cost LivingHome at the Long Beach Performing Arts Center for TED attendees to visit. The Zero Energy, Zero Carbon, Energy Star® certified and LEED® Platinum-certifiable prefabricated home combines world-class architecture and an unparalleled commitment to healthy and sustainable construction. Designed for ease-of-installation, SunSnap modules were easily integrated into the building design, and can easily be scaled up to offset the energy usage of the entire home.

Situated at the Arena Turnaround of the Long Beach Performing Arts Center, Sharp is providing TED attendees the opportunity to charge their portable electronic devices using the latest in solar-power technology. Equipped with six USB 2.1 amp ports, the stations provide off-grid power for devices including cell phones and tablets while emitting no CO2. Sharp's solar-powered charging stations work by storing electricity generated from sunlight in storage batteries to provide power 24 hours a day to the USB ports.

“TED has had the pleasure of collaborating with many of the world’s most groundbreaking brands. Our partnerships allow us to encourage and expand the dialogue of innovation,” said Ronda Carnegie, Head of Global Partnerships at TED.

Sharp’s market-leading selection of large-screen LED TVs offers a wide array of choices to consumers, including more than 20 models in screen size classes of 60-inches or larger, many featuring 3D in 120Hz or 240Hz panel options. Only Sharp offers Quattron™ technology, which adds a yellow pixel to provide a billion more colors. All Sharp AQUOS LED TVs meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® version 5.3 standards, drawing a relatively small amount of power for their screen sizes. The 80” class LC-80LE632U is the most energy-efficient flat-panel TV available today, as measured by power consumption per square inch. On average, it costs just $22 per year in electricity use to operate.

Sharp Solar is working toward the day when every American home and business will draw its electricity from the sun. With a half century of experience in photovoltaic production, Sharp is one of the only PV manufacturers that’s been in business longer than its warranty. The SunSnap Solution is a home appliance that will help consumers and contractors more easily realize the value of home-generated solar by removing barriers to solar at home through a simplified product design and installation process. Sharp's solar-powered charging stations work by storing electricity generated from sunlight in storage batteries to provide power 24 hours a day to the USB ports. A technology breakthrough, Sharp's modules incorporate solar cells with an advanced surface texturing process to increase light absorption and improve efficiency.