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RDL, Radio Design Labs

RDL manufactures a broad line of high quality audio, video and digital products under the trade names Stick-On, Rack-Up, TX Series, Flat-Pak Series, SourceFlex Distributed Sound and RCX Room Combining Systems. These products comprise some of the most cost effective and innovative ideas to be brought into the market place in the last 22 years.

Model: DB-NMC1

The D SERIES-NMC1 is a remote control that provides source selection and volume control at single or multiple locations. The -NMC1 connects to a digital network that may include compatible RDL audio a
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RDL Introduces RU-ADA8D 2x8 or 1x16 Audio Distribution Amplifier
Posted on Saturday, January 28, 2012
RDL Introduces RU-ADA8D 2x8 or 1x16 Audio Distribution Amplifier

RDL is pleased to introduce the new RU-ADA8D 2x8 or 1x16 Audio Distribution Amplifier. The RU-ADA8D is designed in the durable, all-metal, 1/3 rack width MAX RACK-UP enclosure. The compact design allows for very high density audio distribution. Three RUADA8D units may be mounted in available RDL rack adapters to provide up to 48 channels of audio distribution in a single RU. The RU-ADA8D features separate input and output trimmers and dual-LED VU metering with exceptional headroom, very low distortion, excellent crosstalk isolation, wide flat frequency response and industry-leading low noise performance and common-mode signal rejection. It provides exceptional audio performance for the most critical applications in a professional audio environment.

The RU-ADA8D features 2 line level inputs that accept either a balanced or unbalanced audio source. Each input is equipped with a front panel input gain trimmer and a corresponding dual-LED VU meter to make setting proper input gain for optimum signal-to-noise performance quick and easy. The unit may be operated in either a 2x8 stereo or 1x16 mono configuration via the MODE switch on the rear panel. The RU-ADA8D is powered from an RDL 24 Vdc power supply (available separately) or other 24 Vdc power source. Audio inputs and outputs are connected on detachable terminal blocks. The compact design, economical cost and superior audio clarity of the RU-ADA8D make it ideal for high channel density audio distribution in both small and large commercial and studio applications.