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Posted on Tuesday, August 26, 2014


NEWARK, NJ (August 26, 2014) –DeLuca Photography and Video Productions (Akron, OH) is making Panasonic’s new AJ-PX270 P2 HD handheld its primary camera for live events. The full-service media production company, co-founded more than 13 years ago by brothers John and Matt DeLuca, routinely covers live assignments in the metro Cleveland, Akron, Canton and Medina, OH markets and beyond.


Since purchasing the PX270 (Panasonic’s first P2 HD handheld with native AVC-ULTRA recording) this summer, Deluca has used the camcorder on a project for a local chapter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, as well as for several weddings.


“The PX270 performs more like a bigger camera,” said John DeLuca, the company’s Director of Videography. “It’s like having a shoulder-mount with a much smaller form factor.”


DeLuca described fast-paced run-and-gun work for Make-a-Wish’s internal marketing team. “We had a four-hour window, a small crew and 90 degree weather,” he said. “Features that stood out that day were the PX270’s light weight (five pounds), its intuitive buttons and controls, and the placement of the second XLR connector at the rear, which made it really easy to put a boom pole in place quickly.”


“The PX270’s color palette is richer and more natural than previous cameras—the images are stunning,” DeLuca continued. “The dynamic range is amazing, and the camera’s new sensor is one of the best available. Camera sensitivity is impressive, even at 0dB cleaner and brighter than with prior gear.


“The PX270 is excelling at wedding shoots. We can shoot more footage, especially if we’re shooting in AVC-LongG.  You can count on fluid lighting situations—dark church, bright outside—and with the PX270 we can make adjustments to exposure on the spot. And however well-scripted a wedding day is, there are always abrupt schedule changes: the PX270 allows us to respond to those changes very quickly.”


He added that he often intersperses PX270 video into the “controlled environment” product videos he shoots with large-sensor cameras. “We can tweak the image and it matches quite well with DSLR footage, looking every bit as rich.”


De:Luca said he predominantly shoots in AVC-Intra 100, and edits in Adobe Premiere. For more about the company, 


About the AJ-HPX270

The AJ-PX270, Panasonic’s first P2 HD handheld camcorder with AVC-ULTRA recording, combines the high quality and incredible efficiency of low bit rate recording and the flexibility of