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World premiere for omniSHAPES with Volkswagen at the IAA 2011
Posted on Thursday, September 22, 2011
World premiere for omniSHAPES with Volkswagen at the IAA 2011

omniSHAPES are revolutionary digital LED rear projection modules, installed by Creative Technology at the IAA 2011 on the Volkswagen stand for the first time and immediately available in the rental park of the international full service media technology supplier CT. The modular displays with flexible sizes and forms are adapted perfectly for the creative use at exhibitions, conferences, events, shows and on TV - worldwide.

The new small display cubes omniSHAPES represent a step forward in digital display evolution. For the first time it is possible to have not only rectangular displays, but also polygonal screens of almost any shape. The funnel shaped design of the housings further allows realizing curved screens in concave or convex configuration. There are virtually no more limits regarding video wall design or shape.
The omniSHAPES are based on a 1-Chip DLP® projection engine with LED technology, a strong frame unit with locking bolts for fixing with other units and one screen. The modular concept of omniSHAPES from the three main building blocks projection screen, base frame and projector provides great advantages, can be fitted out and supplied from a larger choice of base frames and projection screens in different shapes and offer automatic color and brightness adjustment. Each "shape" is equipped with an internal processing unit, with no longer need of external picture processing devices.


Technical Specification:

Display sizes/shapes: 4:3 corresponds to 480 mm x 360 mm, also possible: 16:9, 16:10, 1:1, pentagonal, hexagonal or other, requirement specific shapes
Depth of the entire unit: less than 430 mm (including projection screen, base frame and projector)
Resolution: depending on display shape, 4:3 corresponds to 1024 x 768 pixel
Weight: 12.9kg
Input: DVI Single Link up to 2k resolution
Internal split processor
Integrated true color sensor for brightness and color homogeneity of all screen modules
DVI Loop Through function
Stand Alone concept: no external processor unit is necessary thanks to internal signal processing. Modules can be used as single display or switched together in groups
Building block architecture: Projector unit is independent and can be separated independently from the screen unit and the base frame
Stackable frame concept with integrated air-flow concept
Flexible installation: standing, lying or suspended (suspended from above)
LED powered: more than 50.000 hours durability, no projector lamps, no color wheel


A successful omniSHAPES world premiere is realized by Creative Technology for its customer Volkswagen at this years IAA 2011 from September 15 - 25, 2011 in Frankfurt.
More than 40 square meter of the new product are the technical highlight in a 36 meter wide, interactive wall in the innovation wall area the longest touch screen at the entire exhibition. The 240 omniSHAPES modules are installed in diverse configurations, some in concave and convex design and with full HD content.
With the omniSHAPES world premiere the customer also is highly satisfied: Our innovative customer Volkswagen implemented with the omniSHAPES a new, revolutionary product, with highest flexibility and brilliance for the perfect integration into the stand design and ideal for the interactive use, says CT Germany manging director Georg Rössler about the first application of the omniSHAPES at Volkswagen at the IAA 2011.

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