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Founded in 1966, Evertz is headquartered in Burlington, Canada, and is a globally-recognized, reputable and dynamic television, satellite, cable and IPTV broadcast equipment designer and manufacturer. Driven to provide the best and most advanced technological solutions, Evertz also offers a number of products for the Command and Control, A/V marketplace including the MVP.


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Evertz opens DreamCatcher™ Training Center in Munich
Posted on Tuesday, July 6, 2021
Evertz opens DreamCatcher™ Training Center in Munich

Munich, Germany — July 6, 2021 – Evertz, the global leader in media and entertainment technology solutions, is proud to announce it has opened the newly equipped DreamCatcher™ Training Center (DCTC) in Munich, Germany. As a provider of hardware and software-based live production workflow tools, Evertz is excited to offer broadcasters and content providers a new resource to assist in the creation of high quality content at unprecedented speeds.

"We understand that moving to a new live production platform not only requires technical excellence, but is also based on operators who know the platform inside and out and feel confident to operate it in a very fast and efficient way", said Sebastian Ruchti, Sales Engineer DACH. "Therefore we decided to set up a DreamCatcher™ ecosystem here in Munich that can host multiple operators, that not only allows operators to come in and familiarize with the system locally, but also allow customers to discover our award-winning BRAVO Studio workflow remotely from anywhere."

Located in Munich's SpaceNet Building, DCTC has connectivity to perform full remote production workflow-based demonstrations of Evertz' XPS RealTime UHD/3G/HD Streaming Platform and BRAVO Studio platforms.

XPS is Evertz' next-generation UHD/3G/HD streaming platform that uses SRT, RIST and Zixi for secure and reliable contribution over IP networks with ultra-low latency. XPS is a software-defined HEVC and H.264 real-time encoding/decoding platform that is ideal for live or cloud-based applications where secure, high quality and low-latency is essential.

This provides customers the ability to send broadcast-quality video feeds over public internet from a venue to DCTC Munich, while also having the DreamCatcher™ output streamed back to the venue via SRT, or have the video feed published directly to social media via RTMPS.

The DreamCatcher™ operational interface can be accessed via a VPN connection over the Internet with the DreamCatcher™-ANYWHERE technology, which makes venue set up and production easy by giving remote producers and operators full control of the system through a web browser.

"While DCTC Munich operates DreamCatcherTM hardware on-premises, Evertz has deployed similar workflows for fully virtualized remote production in the cloud," said Mo Goyal, Senior Director, International Business Development, Live Media Production, for Evertz. "Being able to access BRAVO Studio remotely and integrate its full  feature set on-scale is a real game-changer for how live content production can be done today, but also a great tool for our European customers to learn how DreamCatcher™ and BRAVO can be used in a traditional way."

Evertz' DreamCatcher™ Production Suite is a software-based system that operates on a robust operating system and provides flexibility in mezzanine codecs that include MPEG-2 i-Frame, JPEG 2000, XAVC, and JPEG XS. External Interfaces can be SDI (up to 12G/UHD) or IP (SMPTE ST 2110 or compressed over MPEG-2 transport stream).

The advanced feature set of the DreamCatcher™ User Interface allows for an intuitive and comfortable ease of use for the operator, all while providing a comprehensive method of jog/shuttle review, clip creation, metadata insertion, search, playlist building, playback, and content export. The user interface is designed to accelerate production workflows with visualized sources and controls for operators of any skill level.

DreamCatcher™ BRAVO Studio simplifies production by unifying and integrating multiple DreamCatcher™ applications, ShotTracker's innovative sensor-based live data analytics, and Ease Live's data driven interactive graphics into a single platform ideal for entertainment, gaming and sports productions.

BRAVO Studio's intuitive interface can be tailored for one or two person productions with six to eight camera sources, allowing broadcasters to maximize revenues of a live production by creating high quality content at a lower cost. The easy-to-use touchscreen control allows the storytelling to take priority with the rest of the production tools literally at your fingertips.

Production operators and broadcast engineers interested in attending a DreamCatcherTM Academy event in September 2021 are encouraged to contact Sebastian Ruchti for more information.

Evertz also invites customers and operators to schedule an on-site or remote demo. We also offer opportunities to shadow live productions remotely.

To learn more about the DreamCatcherTM Live Production platform, visit