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CyberTouch Announces New Bundle Package Series with Pioneer's Professional DVD-V8000
Posted on Friday, March 14, 2008
CyberTouch Announces New Bundle Package Series with Pioneer's Professional DVD-V8000

Newbury Park, CA. – March 14, 2008

- CyberTouch is pleased to announce

About CyberTouch

CyberTouch designs, manufactures, and markets specialty touch screen monitors and related touch products for the

commercial, medical, industrial, aerospace, audiovisual, military, and other harsh-environment industries. Since 1982,

CyberTouch has manufactured and designed custom touch screen monitors and touch products. CyberTouch offers

more than 300 standard touch screens as well as open-frame and enclosed touch screen monitors. CyberTouch is the

leading US designer and manufacturer of custom and standard touch screens and touch systems. AVP- DVD-V8000

bundle is the latest addition to CyberTouch’s family of Orion, Eclipse, and Sola touch screen monitors that range in

sizes from 6.4" to 42" diagonal. For more information please call 805-499-5000 or visit: Pioneer

Pioneer has been an innovator of optical disc technology since it brought LaserDisc, the precursor to DVD, to market

in 1980. Pioneer went on to introduce the first DVD writer for computer use in 1997, the first DVD recorder as a

VCR replacement in 1999, the first DVD/CD writer for home computer users in 2001 and the first Blu-ray Disc

writer in 2006. Pioneer Corporation is one of the Blu-ray Disc founders.

Pioneer’s Home Entertainment and Business Solutions Group develops high definition home theater equipment for

sports and entertainment junkies. Its flat panel televisions, Blu-ray Disc players, A/V receivers and speakers heighten

the emotions created by great HD content. The company brands include Pioneer® and Elite®. When purchased

from an authorized retailer, consumers receive a limited warranty for one year with Pioneer products and two years

with Elite products. More details can be located at

Pioneer is a registered trademark of Pioneer Corporation.

Blu-Ray Disc is a registered trademark of Sony Corporation.

introduction of a bundle package of its AV-P line of touch screen monitors and Pioneer’s professional DVD-V8000

professional DVD player. Now customers may order a complete turnkey package ready to plug and play.

CyberTouch’s AV-P line is specifically designed to interact seamlessly with the Pioneer® DVD-V8000 Professional

DVD-Video Player. The direct connection to the Pioneer DVD-V8000 allows interaction with the DVD content or

other video sources simply by touching the screen – no need to access the player. The CyberTouch V-P product line

includes 19(, 20(, 24(, 32(, 40”HD and 42( (16:9) and 20( (4:5) diagonal touch screen LCD monitors. The AV-P line

is ideal for training videos, museums, entertainment, digital signage, and hospitality applications.

Incorporating reliable and durable 8-wire resistive touch screens designed and built by CyberTouch, the AV-P line

incorporates a touch surface protected by chemical and abrasion resistant polycarbonate overlay. It responds to the

touch of a finger, stylus, or a gloved hand. The touch screen communicates via RS232 through a 9-pin serial

connector at 9600 baud.

For more information about CyberTouch’s AVP-V8000 series please visit:

And, for more information on Pioneer Professional Video, please visit