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VuWall delivers a secure, reliable and interoperable visualization solution for military and defense operations at National Army facility in Europe. VuWall’s unified visualization solution is used in the Army’s central Network Operation Center (NOC), Security Control Center (SCC) command room and situation room. Installed is VuWall’s video wall controllers, encoders and decoders, the ControlVu touch panels and the Color Detection Server, all controlled by VuWall’s TRx centralized management platform, to create an all-in-one solution for a fully integrated video wall management and AV distribution system.

The TRx allows the Army’s control room operators to seamlessly move content around and add more sources while rearranging them on the huge Samsung 15x2m LED display, with quick and easy drag-and-drop operations. VuWall’s TRx operates harmoniously with IHSE’s Draco tera flex matrix switch to enable operators to use a single TRx interface to control both sources from the IHSE matrix and additional sources from other applications, thanks to VuWall’s IHSE integration. TRx’s Control Panel Designer has empowered operators to quickly create customized control panels to change layouts and presets with the touch of a button. These control panels are available for operators in their browsers and also on VuWall’s ControlVu touch panels, placed throughout the command and control centers. They give operators the freedom to change layouts and control devices directly from the tablet with a simple touch.