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Datapath takes pole position at Bahrain International Circuit

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Datapath takes pole position at Bahrain International Circuit
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The Challenge

Similarly, to the drivers out on track, the Bahrain International Circuit race control are always seeking ways to improve performance. It was essential that any upgrades delivered total reliability, with minimum latency required for instant decision making.

Specialist Bahrain solution provider PKE Gulf WLL solved the issue, with a solution that worked in harmony with the third-party processors. Technicians at PKE worked with Datapath Middle East account manager Steve Simpson to provide a solution that not only provided reliability and low latency, but also delivered new and improved ‘real world’ features to the control room which would result in an even safer racing environment.

The Solution

The control room features two 5x3 video walls plus a 4x2 display, all monitoring action from the pitlane to every inch of track with a Total of 55 SDI Full HD Cameras.

By removing the original third-party software and replacing it with Datapath’s WallControl 10 Pro, the control room not only received the stable monitoring platform they needed, but could also take full advantage of Wall Control’s colored borders and OSD functions.

With the third-party processors fitted with Datapath VisionSC and Image graphics cards, the 3 x video wall control room now has camera feeds able to switch to a colored and Flashing border around the Camera Image instantly –showing stewards and Operators where any incident has occurred, how serious it is, and alerting drivers and marshals to action required. These borders are linked to motorsport’s Digi Flag protocol to ensure instant action in relation to any issues.

The Result

With safety being at the forefront of any motor race, PKE Gulf WLL have delivered another layer to accident prevention at Bahrain Circuit. On a high-speed motor racing track - possibly more than anywhere else - split second decisions can make all the difference and Wall Control’s colored border switching feature will go a long way in assisting circuit management and uniformed messaging.