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Navarro College: Coordinating Backup Needs Across Multiple Locations

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Navarro College: Coordinating Backup Needs Across Multiple Locations
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Navarro College: Coordinating Backup Needs Across Multiple Locations

Coordinating Backup Needs Across Multiple Locations 


Navarro College is a public community college founded in 1946. The school serves a student body of more than 9,000 in east-central Texas. The college’s main campus and administrative offices are in Corsicana, with other campuses in Waxahachie, Mexia and Midlothian. On-campus classes are supplemented by a robust online learning program.


Across the college’s four locations, server rooms and network/telecom closets present multiple power connection differences and varying power load requirements. Mike Robinson, Navarro’s Network and Telecom Administrator, oversees equipment with a wide range of runtime requirements, physical space demands, remote management needs and mounting configurations. A key requirement for the installations is the ability to silence alarms on the UPS systems or have them turn off automatically when power is restored so classes in progress are not disrupted. Robinson found that the smaller-sized UPS systems offered by other manufacturers generally do not support this feature.


With multiple campuses and different power and load requirements throughout each location, choosing the right solutions had the potential to turn complex. However, Tripp Lite’s sales engineers made purchasing simple for the customer. “I provided a list of the equipment that needed to be connected at each location,” said Robinson. “The Tripp Lite specialist coordinated all the details, such as power load, runtime minimums and the physical environment. I didn’t have to guess on anything.” Tripp Lite also came through on the customer’s need for UPS alarms that can be silenced. Units offered by other manufacturers did not support this feature on the sizes of UPS systems that were best-suited for the installation. Tripp Lite was able to provide several systems right-sized for the job with silent-mode alarm configurations. These solutions were also right-sized for the college’s budget. “Shortly after the install, our location lost power,” Robinson said. “The equipment worked as expected, for the length of time we needed.”