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Lamborghini needed to install a 3x3 video wall in a very short time frame at Bologna International Airport, Italy, with many security airport restrictions. They wanted the digital signage to promote their brand and the company museum near the airport.


AG Multivision SRL designed and manufactured a robust false wall and prepared it for nine LVSXUs. Using standard 41mm rail channels allowed the installation team to prepare the installation before the mounts and the displays arrived on site. Because the LVSXU ConnexSys mounts are designed to be connected to standard 41 mm rail channel these could directly be hung on the rails without having to do any horizontal measuring on use of additional customer spacers. The total mounting, data, video and power wiring was completed in less than two days. 

Also helping the speed of install is the fact that all axis adjustment settings are located in one convenient place on top of the mount. This saves installers time as they do not need to reach for multiple location on the mount to perfectly align the displays.

Chief CSA100 ConnexSys Device Holders were used to complete the installation.


Lamborghini and the Bologna Airport congratulated VAR Group for the quality of the installation, in spite of the short time given.