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GCS Telepresence Suite
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Chief, the industry leader in flat panel TV and projector mounts, creates a high-tech telepresence video conferencing environment for Global Conferencing Solutions (GCS).

Video conferencing and telepresence is quickly becoming a norm in the business environment as travel costs get higher and interaction across the globe increases. To accommodate this growing demand, Chief is equipped with a full line of flat panel wall mounts and accessories that help bring to life these media-rich environments.


When Global Conferencing Solutions (GCS) wanted to build a dedicated telepresence room at their office in Savage, Minnesota with a LifeSize conference system, they turned to Chief Manufacturing for help. To create the video conferencing environment, GCS needed to mount multiple flat panel displays in a line- all being level, and able to provide an appropriate amount of lateral shift. A particular challenge with this installation was that the wall was not even, so the flat panels would not appear the same depth when mounted on the wall.


GCS installed three FUSION™ LTAU™ Tilt Mounts to create the telepresence video conferencing suite. The FUSION Series focuses on usability and speed of installation, making it a perfect solution for video conferencing applications.

The requirements for this particular installation were the ability to level multiple screens and lateral shift. With the LTAU mounts, the installer was able to easily tie multiple flat panel screens together and level as one unit, freeing up valuable installation time. The mounts also provided up to 16" (406 mm) of lateral shift for perfect placement on the wall, regardless of stud position.

With the FUSION Series, all of the video conferencing accessories hang directly from the mount, so the installer didn't have to level separate equipment.


CWith the help of Chief's FUSION mounts, GCS created a room where "users can video conference with others as though they are sitting directly across the table," said Jeff Fillbrandt, GCS Sales Engineer.

According to Fillbrandt, the project was a success and Chief's FUSION tilt mounts "took one-third of the time it would have with another solution."