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Panasonic Enables Immersive Experiences for Live Entertainment and Events with Suite of Projector, Professional Display & Professional Video Solutions
Posted on Monday, June 15, 2020
Panasonic Enables Immersive Experiences for Live Entertainment and Events with Suite of Projector, Professional Display & Professional Video Solutions

As the demand for compelling entertainment experiences increase, Panasonic offers turnkey solutions for streamlined, powerful productions

June 15, 2020

Newark, NJ  – Spectators are demanding more compelling and dynamic content and as their expectations around immersive live entertainment and events continue to rise, Panasonic System Solutions Company of North America today announced a series of new laser projectors, professional displays and professional video solutions designed to provide flexible production environments while delivering eye-catching visuals for an exciting and engaging experience. 

"Audience expectations are higher than ever before for more immersive, interesting and top-notch experiences beyond the capabilities of traditional AV technology, said John Baisley, Senior Vice President of Professional Imaging & Visual Systems, PSSNA. "Our new laser projectors, professional displays and professional video solutions offer a cost-effective and streamlined video production workflow to help customers provide exceptional, memorable experiences to their audiences. 

Advanced Projector & Professional Display Technology to Support Immersive Experiences

PT-RQ35K Series:
3-Chip DLP® SOLID SHINE Laser Projectors: Consumers continue to crave immersive experiences that are both shareable and memorable. Understanding the demands for captivating content, simplified setup and remote functionality, the PT-RQ35K was designed to deliver stunning, eye-catching visuals with blue and red laser technology, 30,000lm of high brightness and 4K resolution quality - all within the smallest and lightest form factor in its class(1). The PT-RQ35K Series significantly reduces logistics and installation hassles with several new features and workflow improvements, including the 'Smart Projector Control' application and Near Field Communication function. These features make it easy to read and change basic setups just by holding a mobile device against the projector's touchpoint. Since events can happen across many environments, both indoor and outdoor, and at any time of day, the new Remote Preview function makes it possible for users to check the content signal remotely via multi-media control software or a web browser. The PT-RQ35K 4K (3840 x 2400) resolution with Quad Pixel Drive On and PT-RZ34K WUXGA (1920 x 1200) resolution will be available December 2020.

PT-RZ990 Series:

1-Chip DLP® SOLID SHINE Laser Projectors: Entertainment, exhibition and museum guests, as well as House of Worship congregations want to feel like they are immersed in the experiences they are attending, and projection technology can help achieve that. The bright, vivid colors and excellent white-balance accuracy from the PT-RZ990 Series laser projectors provide realistic, clear, crisp and high-quality color-rich image reproduction putting guests at the center of the action. In many cases, installation is challenging because of hard to reach locations. Panasonic's Smart Projector Control feature allows users to leverage the on/off function and make adjustments to the lens via a smartphone. The PT-RZ990 Series projectors are reliable and capable of virtually maintenance-free 24/7 operation for up to 20,000 hours with air-tight, dust-resistant optical units and a new filter-free cooling system. The PT-RZ990 Series projectors provide exceptional flexibility and are compatible with a wide range of our 1-Chip DLP lens options. Customers can also choose the best model for their brightness needs from 6,000lm to 9,400lm. All models deliver WUXGA (1920 x 1200) resolution and are available in black or white cabinets. Availability will be October 2020.

SQ1H Professional Display Series:

Even in challenging outdoor locations, guests attending live events expect visually stimulating experiences. For entertainment venues with limiting ambient lighting, the SQ1H Series has an increased panel brightness of 1000cd/m2 to ensure high-quality, clear, crisp content can be displayed even when installed in bright spaces. Available in 86- and 75-inch models, this series is capable of 24/7 operation. The Series also allows for easy and flexible set up with DIGITAL LINK, based on the HDBaseT™ standard, connecting video, audio and control signals to external devices with a single LAN cable. The SQ1H Series also features the Intel® Smart Display Module (SDM) slot, making it possible to customize the display and its connectivity for a customer's production and environmental needs. The SQ1H Series will be available February 2021.

SQE1 Professional Display Series:

Delivering high-quality and reliable information needed in lobbies, entertainment venues, transportation facilities and commercial spaces is imperative. The SQE1 Series provides sharp, clear, easy-to read 4K content and compliments the current SQ1 Series with the addition of Wi-Fi connectivity. The displays are offered in a wide range of sizes, from the large 98-inch model to the 43-inch model, making them suitable for vertical installation and 24/7 operation. The SQE1 Series is also equipped with the Intel® Smart Display Module (SDM) slot as well as a wide range of terminals (HDMI, DisplayPort [In/Out], USB type-C, etc.) and can be easily connected with various playback equipment and expansion boards. Built-in speakers are featured for playing content with audio. The SQE1 Series will be available starting October 2020.

Professional Video Solutions for Live Productions  


As end users increase the amount of remote streaming content they consume, they prefer experiences that are rich and engaging even though they are not taking place in person. Live events can be made more easily accessible by incorporating technology that supports in-person interactions and remote streams simultaneously. KAIROS is a new IT/IP video processing platform that offers an open architecture system for live video switching with maximum CPU/GPU processor utilization for virtually unlimited ME scalability as well as resolution and format independence for complete input and output flexibility. As a native IP, ST 2110 system, KAIROS supports transitions to live uncompressed IP workflows and can eliminate the constraints of dedicated hardware. KAIROS creates new production opportunities involving a mosaic of IT ecosystems with a variety of COTS components from vendors in multiple industries. KAIROS will be available Summer 2020.