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ViewSonic Delivers Immersive Classroom Experiences for Teachers and Students at Montevideo۪s Colegio y Liceo Jos̩ Artigas

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ViewSonic Delivers Immersive Classroom Experiences for Teachers and Students at Montevideo۪s Colegio y Liceo Jos̩ Artigas
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ViewSonic Delivers Immersive Classroom Experiences for Teachers and Students at Montevideo۪s Colegio y Liceo Jos̩ Artigas


Elementary and Middle School

Founded in 1956 as a lay institution, the Colegio y Liceo José Artigas is located in Montevideo City, Uruguay and has approximately 400 students enrolled, ranging from preschool up to the middle school level. The school began operation on March 7, 1956 in the living room of a married couple’s house and was originally called “Escuela José Artigas.” The middle school curriculum was added in 1999, and the name of the institution was changed to “Colegio y Liceo José Artigas.” The school continued to grow. Over the years it added a computer room, laboratory, building and perimeter security and fire protection certification. In 2020, following the events triggered by the global pandemic, the school underwent a major technical retrofitting, including a comprehensive expansion of the computer network and the addition of 13 interactive displays, with 11 ViewSonic® IFP7550 and two IFP6550 Interactive displays, each assigned to a classroom in the school. Training programs were established for the school’s faculty, providing them with cutting-edge tools to help teach courses. The school became Uruguay’s first education center certified by ViewSonic in the use of specific instructional tools.


SSI Ltda. (Information Systems Solutions), is a company operated by IT and communication professionals. It provides an option for companies and organizations to get qualified technical advice that enables them to achieve an optimal cost-benefit ratio. They have extensive experience and numerous clients in the education industry.


The Colegio y Liceo José Artigas wanted to implement a number of different IT solutions and new instructional tools that allowed for interactive learning. To cater to the current reality of their students, the Colegio y Liceo José Artigas decided to replace their outdated blackboards and whiteboards with interactive displays that facilitate the development of a more streamlined, dynamic, interactive and current learning experience.


Acting as a Certified Reseller, SSI Ltda. introduced the ViewSonic ViewBoard® interactive flat panel displays to the school’s representatives, performing demos for both executives and the middle managers of the institution. SSI Ltda. highlighted the characteristics and benefits of both the hardware and the myViewBoard™ software solution.


The Colegio y Liceo José Artigas saw an immediate and positive impact on the teaching/learning process for both teachers and students. “We chose ViewSonic because of their robust, reliable products, as well as their top quality guidance and support. As a Certified Reseller, SSI Ltda. was entrusted with the training of all teaching staff during long-hour sessions,” said Isola. “We are very pleased to have provided the solution the school was in need of, especially in terms of comprehensively deploying both our ViewBoard displays and related accessories, and also our myViewBoard solution in all of the school’s classrooms,” said Marcos Paredes, ViewSonic’s Territory Sales Manager for Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. “Also, we are very happy to see a quick adoption by teachers and students. With all the teaching staff trained in the use of myViewBoard as an interactive, collaboration tool, a more emotional and dynamic learning process is accomplished, both in-person and remotely.” The school’s administrator is now considering further project expansion by adding more displays and providing frequent training in order to keep teachers up-to-date and motivated. Based on his experience, for these types of solutions to truly pay off, equipment should be available in all classrooms so that teachers and students can seamlessly integrate it into their way of working.